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no hot water

I seem to have developed a habit of falling asleep before I upload an entry. What happens is that I lie down on the couch after I get home from work with the intention of getting back up in half an hour, but it doesn't work out that way. Instead what happens is that I fall asleep and wake up anywhere from two to four hours later. Then once I am awake, I slowly shuffle over to the computer and finish what I started hours ago. So this explains why an entry might not appear until three of four in the afternoon the next day.

Actually it was the heat that woke me this afternoon. With the summer sun beating down on my southern exposure livingroom, the temperature rose quickly. Then in what I thought was a rather clever idea, I decided to move my entertainment center into my bedroom. Now if I fall asleep watching television, I'll be in the room with the air conditioner in it and won't wake up when the temperature starts to rise.

I guess that it was time for a change in my place. Each year that I am here, I like to rearrange the furniture to make everything seem new. Sometimes I do this to make room for some new piece of furniture that I bought. While other times I do it just because I want to do it.

My only other excitement of the day was finding out that I didn't have any hot water. Last night I had noticed that the water seemed a little cool, but with all of the heat and humidity I didn't mind. Today, however, it was uncomfortably cold. After getting a hold of my landlord downstairs we discovered that the pilot light had gone out and we soon had it going again.

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