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maritime to milwaukee

Quite simply the trip was a success. I wanted something completely different from what I had been doing here and that is what I got. Every single day that I was there except for Sunday, I was outside doing something physical. Tuesday through Friday I was either walking or hiking somewhere in the province. Then on Saturday I was paddling along the Atlantic coast in a kayak. I packed as much as I possibly could within that limited span of time. I was truly living for those days.

The two trips that I took this year were in complete contrast to each other. One might even say that they are extremes in terms of destinations. First there was the trip to Los Angeles in January, where I was driving along six lane highways and hanging out with friends and relatives in a city of millions. Now in June I crisscrossed a province with a total population of about a million people.

I slept well last night even though I wasn't in a king size bed with five pillows anymore. Somehow I'll just have to get by with the couch, the floor or the futon. I managed to do it before the trip and I am sure that I will readjust easily enough. Besides it really doesn't matter to me where I sleep as long as it is quiet.

After I was awake most of the morning was spent running errands. I dropped off the three disposable cameras to be developed, got my mail from the post office and then bought some food.

Early this morning the left side of my face started to peel. I knew that it was going to happen, but it doesn't make it any less gross to watch. Suddenly my face has become a model of plate tectonics. Shifting layers of crust lift up and float on the surface until I pick them away. I think that this as close as I want to get to being a reptile.

One would think that I would have remembered what happened to me when I was in Hawaii. At that time I learned two simple facts. One is that water reflects the sun and the second one is that there is no shade out on the ocean. Somehow this became forgotten knowledge last Saturday.

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