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northern wisconsin

Most of what I wrote yesterday was after a very long day with a tedious five hour drive in the middle of it. Without a doubt my mind was operating at its most basic level. Any higher reasoning was beyond me with sleep being my main objective for most of the night. All night at work I counted down the hours until I would be able to crawl under some covers and close my eyes.

I knew that the transition from vacation to work wouldn't be any easy one, which is why I made it so that I would start back on a Friday night. In some ways it brought my reverse vacation to its proper conclusion. I started it on a Sunday and ended on a Friday, while most people usually start a vacation on a Friday and end it on a Sunday.

I realize that I was wrong the other day when I said that this was my third trip for the year. It was my fourth trip this year and my second one to the northern part of the state. Unlike the ones to California and Canada, I was almost completely immobile. Once I reached my destination I didn't go more than a few miles from the house. Then when I did venture out it was by bicycle not car. I was there to relax not to explore new places or go sightseeing.

I can truly say that I have traveled over the river and through the woods to grandma's house. In fact I have done it for as long as I can remember. My grandparents bought the land the year before I was born and have lived there for nearly thirty years. I can't remember a time when that place and them didn't go together in my mind.

I suppose that it isn't that uncommon to retire to the northern part of the state, but for me it will always be a special place. It was where I spent my summers fishing, swimming and just being spoiled.

I've met other people, who never knew their grandparents, so I consider myself fortunate. Up until a few years ago, I had two sets of grandparents filled with years worth of being spoiled and hearing stories about times that I couldn't imagine as a child. The Depression and World War II became more than events talked about in history class. Here were people that experienced them firsthand.

Of course while I was there, my grandma had to ask when I was going to find myself a nice girlfriend. I couldn't really give her an answer. What I do know is that it has been a long time since I even bothered to look and I'm not sure why either. The hours that I work do keep me apart from most people, but I can get out if I want to make the effort. Besides my last girlfriend is just a memory now and I am sure that my next girlfriend will work out a little better. Maybe it is time to expand my social horizon beyond the people that I know at work. Then again my optimism might fade by tomorrow.

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