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no time to write

Once again I just skimmed the surface with what I wrote for yesterday. The initial thrust of the entry happened last night before I went to work and then I had to abandon it. My plan was that I would flesh it out some more when I was at work and then have something more coherent when I got home. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

Lately work has been rather busy and I haven't had that much time for introspection while I am there. Then when I get home from work all that I want to do is eat something and then go to sleep. So in the end I upload fragments that probably only make sense to me.

Sleep came easily this morning, because had I worked out after work before I came home. It felt good and I hope that I can make it a part of my routine. I can't see myself getting back into tae kwon do right now. It just wouldn't work with my schedule. So whatever discipline will keep me going will have to come from me and not an outside source.

I also have to give some credit to the fan for my being able to sleep so well. Even though the temperature rose about twenty degrees outside while I was sleeping, the house stayed cool.

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