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Here I sit at one-thirty in the morning waiting for my batch of fries to be ready. My day started at ten o'clock last night and I'm not sure when I should end it. What I do know is that I have to eat something or I won't be able to sleep.

Somehow I managed to be online for four hours straight which is unusual for me. Generally I can only take being online in small doses with one hour at a time being my limit. It isn't as though I watch for an hour to go by and then logoff. I simply lose interest after an hour. Perhaps on some levels sitting and staring at the screen starts to make me think of work, but I doubt it.

To be more precise, I may have been connected for four hours, but I wasn't in front of the screen for that long. I was busy downloading video files and would walk away whenever I started a new one. Watching the progress bar move isn't the most gripping thing in the world. Maybe I am trying to make up for the time that I was away from a computer in Nova Scotia.

Since I had such a good time in Nova Scotia, I am planning on going back there next spring. It all depends on whether I can afford it and my trip to Europe in the same year. I already know where I want to stay in Nova Scotia if I go there in the spring.

Went to lie down at two-thirty, but probably didn't fall asleep until three. Then woke at six-thirty to see three clearly defined crease mark across the left side of my face. They started from my forehead and traveled over my eye down across my cheek. A temporary scar that I doubt I could have made look better if I had tried.

Quarter to midnight and the door to my house is open. Wind can be heard moving in the night. A sound not heard in weeks, because I was too busy avoiding the heat and had sealed myself off from the outside. Sudden downpours earlier in the day had indicated that a change in the weather was coming. Tonight I should be able to sleep with the air conditioner off.

I saw a primitive mind at work late this morning. It happened on my drive south to get some new boots. There was construction on the highway since summer is the season for such things to be done. Instead of three lanes it had been reduced to two with a right lane being made out of what is usually considered the emergency lane.

So there I was in the right lane, when I spotted the moron for the day. He had just merged into the right lane when he decided that wasn't good enough for him. He quickly veered into the lefthand one and kept on going past the large orange construction barrels into what used to be the left lane. It didn't seem to phase him that there was large machinery blocking his path less than a hundred yards ahead.

Apparently on some level his brain registered that his car might sustain damage if he kept his present course and he attempted to merge back into a real lane of traffic. An orange barrel gave way to the rusted blue station wagon as he tried to join the rest of the more sane drivers. As to whether or not he ever made it over, I can't say, since I lost sight of him at this point.

Despite the odd sleeping pattern and weather, today was a very productive day for me. I finally mailed out a package that I wanted to send weeks ago and bought two new pairs of boots to replace the pair that succumbed to the salt water of the north Atlantic. Then in a fit of impulse shopping I bought two books, one of them explaining the lyrics of John Lennon and the other one focusing on U2.

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